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Thursday 8th Nov 2018 4Am – 5pm

at tablehurst Farm, east Sussex  for 6 weeks

text 07976 296 364


“Grandma” – alluding to the wisdom of the ancestors, “Alchemy” – promising transmutation and transformation,  The Kitchen is where it all happens!  Food is medicine.  Some say there is no disease, only deficiency and toxicity that needs cleaning up.

In Grandma Alchemy’s Kitchen we give practical cookery demonstrations, offering motivation and inspiration to transform your kitchen habits on the Paleo Coaching course.  We are aiming for a transformation from leaden and heavy to light, vitalised and full of energy.

“Paleo” refers to Palaeolithic: before the dawning of the age of agriculture and grain production.  Man evolved on whole foods: fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots, shoots, berries, nuts, seeds, meats and fish.  We seek to replicate this way of eating, sourcing our foods from small scale producers and the wild, and animal products from pasture fed animals.

Empowering people as Food Sovereigns and Alchemists of the Kitchen. Paleo Coaching is aimed at transforming the family dynamic from inflammed and angry, to glowing and golden. The Course includes: Stock Pot Cooking, Good Fats-Bad Fats, Antioxidants & Green Smoothies, Gut Flora, Gut Disbiosis, Leaky Gut and Chronic illness. Healing and Sealing the gut. Alternatives to the ‘opiates of the masses’ (wheat and sugar): muffins, pizza, granola. Home made probiotics at a fraction of the cost of over the counter pills: Fermented Foods

Inspired by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride: G.A.P.S. Gut and Psychology Syndrome and The Weston A Price Foundation. Dr Chris Kressner, Dr Terry Wahls and The Wahls Protocol.

Paleo pancake