Why Paleo?

Despite being brought up in the 70’s by a revered and well appreciated ‘yogurt weaving’ Mother who would send me down the garden path to pick peas and raspberries… despite buying organic ever since I left home in 1986… despite cooking from scratch nearly every day for my children… MY FAMILY was just NOT THRIVING and our health was failing.

We all had endless snotty noses, we were bunged up, there were daily tummy aches, we were in pain, there were temper tantrums, energy levels would plummet mid-after noon, mummy had a seriously short fuse, we were always sick, ear aches, verruca’s, warts, achy joints, you name it we had it.  The worst thing was the ‘bent over double’ crying with pain and not knowing what to do about it.  We did a food intolerance test which showed an intolerance to ALL the foods being eaten… Then there were  the behavioural issues. I began to really question my parenting abilities. My daughter was ‘out of control’, unresponsive, not a pleasure to be with. There was a lot of shouting.  I was scared.

When my youngest was three years old she was diagnosed with a Pilomatrixoma: a growth, on her cheek. We had it surgically removed. It was a horrible experience. That was the big wake up call. If she was unable to cleanse her body on a cellular level to avoid tumours, I was obviously failing to nourish her properly.

I was failing to nourish the family.  Despite living in a seemingly ‘well off’ society,  where we are literally spoiled for choice with an almost obscene variety of ‘foods’ to choose from, we all had health issues.  I thought I was doing all the right things.  I was so wrong.

So the journey began. I read endlessly. Books. Websites.  Scientific papers.  I still do.  There is so much to learn, though the basic principles are simple and should be taught at schools.  I subscribed to The Weston A Price Foundation: a wealth of information. We began to introduce new principles to our kitchen habits. We began to enjoy new things like Green Smoothies. We began to let certain ‘food-like products’ fall away from the weekly shopping list.

As I began to educate myself in nutrition, discrepancies in the food producing system began to become apparent. I began to understand that we were poisoning ourselves with the very stuff that was supposed to feed us. I began to grow my own and grow for others at www.thecrossingforestrow.com.  Other wise it was going to be “Death by Food Pyramid” (that is the title of a book by the way).  I began to read stories of people who had cured themselves of so called incurable and chronic conditions using food as medicine. I got really excited. I started to spread the word.

My youngest is now 10 and has really rosy cheeks, such bright eyes and is a joy to be with. Tummy aches and snotty noses are a thing of the past.

I want to offer you the opportunity to benefit from our experience and take some short cuts as you get on the road to a vibrant, shining experience of life, using food as medicine, in your own Grandma Alchemy’s Kitchen.

With love from

Emma Goodwin