Paleo pancake

Coaching 2016

Paleo Coaching NEW COURSE begins Wednesday 20th April 2016 from 11am til 12 noon, 1 hour a week for 6 weeks. Food is Medicine. Book now on 07976 296 364.

ProgrammeWeek 1

The Stock Pot

Affordable and Nutritious cuts of meat

Mineral Deficiency, sources of mineral supplements,

Symptoms – why are we all here talking about food as medicine?


Week 2

Rendering Lard, Ghee, Extra Virgin oils

Good Fats – Bad Fats

Flax and Fish oils, Fresh Mackarel, Sardines, Salmon once every two weeks

Essential Fatty Acids


Week 3

Comfort Foods

Paleo Muffins / Pizza / Granola

Industrial Agriculture, Big Pharma,

Food Industry and “food-like” products


Week 4


Green Smoothies

Eating raw before cooked

Snacks, raw carrot / sweet potato as crackers and dips / kale chips


Week 5

Fermented foods

SCD Yogurt

Gut Flora / Gut dis-biosis



Week 6


Psyllium Husks and Bentonite Clay

70:30 ratio on the plate, the 5 a day myth

Cider Vinegar

Stomach Acid



book your place 07976 296 364.