Private Paleo Coaching sessions are available.  Maybe you have a few friends who may benefit.  Work together.  It’s so much easier when all the mums say ‘it’s a Paleo Party’, then we don’t all have to deal with the kids bouncing off the walls like ‘sugar monsters’ when they get home after the birthday ‘treats’. Maybe you’re on a healing trip with some other people who are recovering from similar ailments. When we get together and support each other it makes for speedy healing, and it’s just more fun! Laughter is the best medicine they say, and everyone needs their spirits lifting when the chips are down and health is failing. We have infinite powers of regeneration if we can furnish our bodies with optimum sources of nourishment and clean air and water. Break away from brain fog, achy joints, sluggishness and the more serious complaints these symptoms can lead to. Let’s clean up our act and COME ALIVE.

In the comfort of your own home, I can, at your request, rummage through the cupboards and create delicious dishes with what we find, or offer shopping lists to demonstrate recipes, or weed out undesirable ingredients and explain why.

For your own privately taylored Paleo Coaching sessions.  Morning or afternoon sessions. Will travel through out the south east. Email Emma or sign up now to receive your FREE 6 week course which is a recorded infront of the winter 2015 group who attended Paleo Coaching in Grandma Alchemy’s Kitchen at The Crossing, Forest Row.