Next course of three sunday morning sessions starts:

Sunday 22ND APRIL – 10am until 1pm with lunch – £50

We’ll cover The Stock Pot, how to make one, how to use it, how to maintain it.  We’ll look at Good Fats – Bad Fats, which fats keep you well, which fats hijack your cells… we’ll make Ghee and render some Lard.  We’ll cook up a delicious lunch of chicken soup and greens and veg from The Crossing, Forest Row: a Community Supported Agriculture scheme that grows free-from artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Sunday 6th may – 10am until 1pm with lunch – £50

We’ll look at Paleo Baking grain free, sugar free sweet treats – make Paleo Pizza, Paleo Granola, Paleo Muffins, Paleo Pancakes and Brownies.  We’ll balance it out with a Green Smoothie recipe that will leave the kids asking for more and talk about how to get more greens inside us.  We’ll enjoy Pizza and salad and green smoothie for lunch.

Sunday 20th May – 10am until 1pm with lunch – £50

The most important of all the sessions if you’re serious about transforming your health:  We’ll make an unbelievable array of fermented foods and drinks and discuss ways to enjoy them.  Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha, Water Kefir, Yogurt, and Milk Kefir.  We’ll talk about fasting, a long forgotten and disused method of kick starting your system and reviving your energies. Lunch will be a Seasonal vegetable soup (chicken stock base) and salad of coleslaw sauerkraut, with chocolate brownies and buttermint icing for pudding. (sugar free)

food is medicine

Get some ‘inside information’ on gut health.
Cookery demonstrations, and tastings.
Motivation for transformation.
The Stock Pot.
Good Fats-Bad Fats.
Paleo Baking.
Fermented Foods.
How to heal leaky gut and relieve symptoms of inflammation.

In   Brighton and Hove area   BN3
contact Emma 07976 296 364

Summer Holiday Paleo Intensives

In these one-day intensives we make and share lunch: Green Smoothie, Paleo Pizza, Salad and Muffins. We’ll make sauerkraut and discuss and explain the principles behind using The Stock Pot, home made probiotics and good fats, bad fats.

Your children are welcome to join in, or they can explore The Crossing with trained Forest School Teacher Kathy Curtis, with games, nature crafts, tree swing and a visit to the Badger Set. First child joins Forest School free, £10 per extra child to join Forest School. We are limited to 6 children under 9.

Price is £60 per adult, for Lunch and 4 hours of demonstration and ‘inside’ information, including child care. BOOK EARLY. We will be unable to cater for last minute entries.

Inspired by the Weston A Price Foundation and Dr Natasha Campbell McBrides work on G.A.P.S.

For dates in 2018 email Emma at

Courses are held at The Crossing, Forest Row, East Sussex