I am stunned by how much teaching you give in just one hour… It’s incredible. So alive and easy to absorb.  Kids wolfed the muffins!  Mrs Valentine

Feeling so much more confident about feeding myself well and building good health. I enjoy your sessions, they’re fun and informative, Thank you again. Cilla

My family’s nutrition has been low priority, not for lack of care or want… but more for ‘how the hell do I do it?’  In a sense, I know what’s not healthy, but to understand the WHY and mostly the HOW to bosh out highly nutritious food for a big and busy family is key.  In fact it’g GOLD DUST.  Suddenly transforming our family’s food health is not so daunting. Thank you so much. Kate

Thanks Emma! Lovely food learning experience yesterday, came away inspired and went back and cooked veg, just like you did in stock with garlic, turmeric, herbs and the reaction from the boys was EXTRAORDINARY! Dave